What is the Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement?

If you've suffered from frequent constipation, smelly gas, heartburn, indigestion, or even bouts of irritable bowel syndrome, you may have a habit of taking terrible-tasting glasses of psyllium husk fiber supplements every day, or sucking on chalky antacids looking for relief.

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But what if I were to tell you that treating the symptoms of these problems was not the best way to restore your health?

What if I were to tell you that the real problem is actually that your digestive tract has fallen out of balance? And that the best way to restore your health is to rebalance your system with the best digestive enzyme supplement you can find?

Now, when you hear 'digestive supplement', you may immediately start to think of those endless glasses of gooey fiber drinks. But the truth is, they don't do anything to heal you--they're just a brute-force clearing-out squad that forces waste through your body, sometimes in an uncomfortable way. And they make you feel bloated all the time. Pretty ironic if you're taking it to relieve bloating!

Turns out, there is a better way to deal with an unbalanced body, and the solution is in a common fruit! Let me explain.

You see, our bodies need to have four factors in order to digest food properly: soluble fiber, phenolics, prebiotics and enzymes. Without proper digestion, we can't absorb nutrients to their full capacity, and we can't eliminate waste efficiently. The result is poor skin, high susceptibility to colds and flus, allergic reactions, acid reflux, cramps, weight gain, fatigue... These are all things you may be experiencing, but may have attributed to other factors as well.

Years of eating a poor diet, or eating a normal diet but not digesting your food properly, creates a toxic environment in your gut. Symptoms of IBS, like cramping, bloating, diarrhea or constipation are signs of a toxic gut.

If you get right down to the core of these problems, though, you'll see that the common thread is that those four factors we talked about earlier get out of proportion to one another and the result is an unbalanced digestive tract.

Now, if you've suffered with digestion problems, you've probably heard of probiotics, but have you heard of prebiotics? Prebiotics are actually naturally occurring in food (unlike probiotics, which are the result of fermenting food), and they help to boost your immune system, promote good digestion, and prepare your body to better absorb minerals. They fight off so-called superbugs like e-coli and staph infections. They increase your energy, and help you to keep your weight in check.

Probiotics work to make more bacteria in the gut by consuming it with foreign bacteria. It's a one-shot deal.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, actually stimulate the intestinal tract to create more bacteria itself, boosting the immune system and fighting off bad bacteria. It's like an investment in your intestinal tract.

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Prebiotics are found in lots of raw foods, like raw wheat, raw onions, and raw barley. They're also found in the skin and flesh of kiwi.

Getting enough prebiotics in your diet to rebalance your digestive tract isn't easy, though. For example, to do it with just kiwi, you'd need to eat between 2 and 4 kiwi a day, including the skin. And you thought the fiber drinks tasted bad! However...

  • A kiwi is an excellent source of soluble fiber--and it's much more concentrated than those gooey fiber drinks.
  • A kiwi contains enzymes that break down food like meat and dairy products so that we can digest them easily.
  • A kiwi contains phenolic compounds, which stop bad bacteria from growing but encourage good bacteria to grow, again making digestion easy.
  • And a kiwi contains prebiotics.

That's right--the kiwi contains all four factors we discussed earlier.

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There are numerous other benefits to kiwi. Studies have shown that kiwi helps to thin blood, acting like an aspirin a day, and it also helps to ease asthma and nighttime coughing. It's a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E and vitamin A. Its high soluable fiber content is good for colon health as well, and as such is thought to help prevent colon cancer. And if you're pregnant or expecting to become pregnant, kiwi is also a very rich source of folic acid.

With all these benefits, it seems like a bonus that it helps to rebalance your digestive tract, doesn't it? Now, in order to really reap the benefits of kiwi fruit, as we mentioned above, you need to eat a lot of them, skin and all, regularly. But there is an easier way!

Instead of eating 2-4 whole kiwi a day, you can get the benefits in the form of a daily supplement. The best digestive enzyme supplement I've found is called Kiwi-Klenz, and it's from New Zealand.

Unlike other kiwi supplements, Kiwi-Klenz uses only ripe kiwi, processed at their peak without overheating so that the full action of the enzymes are available to you. Other kiwi supplements use freeze-dried pulp from a skinned kiwi, and therefore they lose all the goodness needed to restore your system.

Kiwi-Klenz is 100% natural, vegetarian, from a sustainable source, and easy to take. Click here to find out more about Kiwi-Klenz at Xtend-life. It is one of the best digestive enzyme supplement available today.

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